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I wanted to be able to keep track of the upcoming fanworks challenges/exchanges, so I built a calendar. I figure I can't be the only one who would find this useful, so I've made it available for public viewing here (sadly LJ won't let me embed it).

I'll update it as new deadlines become posted, by following spnnewsletter, but you can also email me additions or changes at or comment to this post.

The calendar can be viewed by week, month or in a list (agenda), by clicking the tabs at the top right. It can also be viewed in your own google calendar (if you have a gmail account) by clicking the +Google Calendar icon at the bottom right.

Currently there are deadlines for the following challenges/exchanges:

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If you know of any that have published deadlines that I've missed, please drop me a comment!

Please note that if you are participating in a challenge you should always verify the deadlines at the challenge site. This calendar is for convenience but the "bible" is always the challenge community!

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Big Bang Art: Storm Clouds

Fic title: Storm Clouds
Author name: archofimagine and lady__delirium (hufflecas on AO3)
Artist name: fiercelynormal
Genre: RPS
Pairing: Misha/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jensen is a pilot in a serious relationship with Jared — the young mayor of a town outside of Austin. Because of his career, Jared is completely in the closet and their relationship is a big secret. Jensen is tired of it all - Jared's controlling attitude, dominance in the bedroom, and the fact that he has to pretend to be a roommate while Jared 'dates' a woman. It's these annoyances that have him falling for a pair of sad blue eyes in Boston. Having just attended his uncle's funeral, Misha is a bubbling mess that even breaks down during sex and cries. But there's something about him and his easy going demeanor that pulls Jensen in — and has him following the other man to Thailand for a month.
Acknowledgements: Thank you to archofimagine and hufflecas for writing this lovely story and being so easy to work with. Thank you to tebtosca for the encouragement, and thanks to the hard-working and patient wendy for everything!

Masterpost (LJ)
Fic Post (AO3)

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Fun and games

Part 7 of our round-robin fic is up at spnanthology! This chapter is written by tipsy_kitty. If you haven't had a chance to check this adventure story out, or if you just need to catch up, head on over to the comm for some summer fun!


SPN Anthology!

A multi-authored fic adventure!

If you haven't already checked out the fun happening at spnanthology, go read the story from the beginning! It's full of great writers and fandom in-jokes and hilarious summer fun. Chapter 6 is now posted, this installment written by yours truly!


Anchors Aweigh!

It started with a Twitter most fun things do. A bunch of us were talking about what would happen if we all wrote parts of the same fic. And from that, spnanthology was born.

A multi-authored fic adventure!

So riyku, alycat, cherie_morte, cleflink, deirdre_c, dugindeep, homo_pink, morrezela, tipsy_kitty, zubeneschamali, tebtosca and I will each be writing a chapter in the sure-to-be-epic saga that starts as follows:

Pirate!JDM washes ashore of a distant land, and is given a kingdom. What happens next is up to you...

Each author has 72 hours to write their chapter and tag the next author. The lovely riyku has already completed Chapter 1! All pairings and ratings are allowed, so join the comm to watch and see how our story unfolds...


I love them so muuuuch!!

Brand new 10 Years of J2 vid by the lovely textandtea /hopscotchwaltz. It made me teary because I'm a sap. The password for the vid is J2.


Announcing Round 6 of SPN_Cinema!

Originally posted by cinema_mod at Announcing Round 6 of SPN_Cinema!

Hello, cinema fans! Based on feedback and careful consideration of the busy fandom schedule, we've decided to begin the next round of Cinema on June 1. We are also going to try something new this round - OPEN POSTING! It is our hope that this less stressful posting schedule will encourage more participants to complete their fanworks and be happy with the results. The schedule for this round will be as follows:

June 1 - Claims open
June 3 - Claims close
June 4 - Second round claims open
June 5 - Second round claims close
July 1 - Drafts due (fic and art)
August 1 - Open posting begins
August 31 - Posting closes

If you're new and want to know how it all works, or if you just need a refresher, please check out our FAQs page. If you'd like to spread the word and help generate some buzz for the new round, please feel free to yoink the banner of this post, or use our ready-made banners here.


Fandom love

Nothing brings the love out like a love meme, and given the events of the past few days, we can all use a little more loving than usual!


full meme | my thread