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I wanted to be able to keep track of the upcoming fanworks challenges/exchanges, so I built a calendar. I figure I can't be the only one who would find this useful, so I've made it available for public viewing here (sadly LJ won't let me embed it).

I'll update it as new deadlines become posted, by following spnnewsletter, but you can also email me additions or changes at or comment to this post.

The calendar can be viewed by week, month or in a list (agenda), by clicking the tabs at the top right. It can also be viewed in your own google calendar (if you have a gmail account) by clicking the +Google Calendar icon at the bottom right.

Currently there are deadlines for the following challenges/exchanges:

a_b_o_ladies - multifandom femslash and het ficathon (fic)
blood_and_pie - Moonstruck, a Supernatural Valentine Exchange (fic/art/whatever)
cakehole_club - a Supernatural & Supernatural RPF Podfic Big Bang challenge (podfics/art)
casestory - multifandom case-fic themed big bang (fic/art/podfic)
cottoncndybingo - multifandom schmoop-themed bingo challenge (fic/art/vid/podfic/whatever)
deancasbigbang - Dean/Castiel big bang challenge (fic/art)
dragonbigbang - multifandom dragon-themed big bang (fic/art)
gabriel_bigbang - a big bang challenge centered around the character of Gabriel (fic/art)
genteensybang - a challenge for fans of Genevieve Cortese-Padalecki and the characters she's played on Supernatural (fic/art)
sabrielbigbang - a Sam/Gabriel-themed big bang challenge
salt_burn_porn - a 24-hour tagged Supernatural & Supernatural RPF challenge (fic)
samdean_otp - Sam & Dean Minibang (fic/art)
sammessiah - Antichristmas exchange (fic/art)
spacebigbang - multifandom space-themed big bang (fic)
spn_bigpretzel - Supernatural-themed spring fic exchange (fic/art)
spn_cinema - an SPN/RPF fanwork challenge, where movies serve as the basis (fic/art/vids/podfics)
spn_j2_bigbang - Supernatural and J-Squared Big Bang Challenge (fic/art)
spn_masquerade - SPN fandom's semi-annual festival of kink (fic/art)
spn_meanttobe - an SPN/RPF challenge based on summaries from Harlequin romance novels (fic/art)
spn_reversebang - This is a reverse of the usual SPN Big Bang challenge (fic/art)
spnaubigbang - an SPN big bang challenge with an AU focus (fic/art)
spnfemminibang - an SPN femmeslash minibang (fic/art)
spnspringfling - an SPN/RPF fanwork exchange (fic/art)
spn_summergen - a gift exchange for Supernatural gen fic (fic)
tfwbigbang - a Team Free Will big bang challenge (fic)
zombi_fic_ation - a multi-fandom zombie-themed fic challenge (fic)

If you know of any that have published deadlines that I've missed, please drop me a comment!

Please note that if you are participating in a challenge you should always verify the deadlines at the challenge site. This calendar is for convenience but the "bible" is always the challenge community!

Get your kink on!

Jensen crotch

The Beggar's Banquet: Round Opens August 2nd

A brand spankin' new free-for-all kink comm hosted by tebtosca and riyku. Can't wait!

Amazing banners by dephigravity


LJ Love

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Hi, all! I'm currently in New York for a short vacation but wanted to say thank you so, so much to those who left such lovely comments for me on the love meme. I truly appreciated each and every one, and tried to leave as much in return as I could. If I missed your thread or if you didn't have one there, then here's a big hug to you, too! <3


Love is in the air!

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full meme | my thread

Let's keep this mini-LJ resurgence going with a reminder of what a great community we have! Thanks to the lovely rikyu for giving us the opportunity!

Feed me, Seymour

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I love food. Those of you who've met me know that I love food a wee bit too much, but that's for another day. But as much as I love it, I also hate it. I will walk into a grocery store intending to get ALL THE THINGS that I will MAKE and it will be delicious and great and nutritious. And...many times I walk right back out, empty handed. I just get so overwhelmed at the thought of WHAT to do with it.

It's not that I CAN'T cook. I just can't generally be bothered. When I lived at home (till an embarrassingly ripe old age) my mom cooked, and then when I was married my husband did most of the cooking, and then when my sis moved in with me SHE did most of the cooking, so I've been let off the hook too much. But now my sis has moved out again, and it's just me. And woman can not live on toast alone, so...time to cook.

In the last week I've cooked more things than probably the last year. Meaning I think I cooked like five times lol. And it was almost all South American flavor, mostly because of a recently-discovered addiction to Mexican street corn. But I made cilantro-lime steak, steak with Argentinian chimichurri sauce, fresh-made guacamole, and beer can chicken (ok, that one's not South American). But now that I've tackled a few things, I want to try MORE, because it seems like I actually enjoy cooking to some extent when I'm trying something new and exotic. I have all the gadgets a cook could need (despite never cooking, I am a total gadet whore lol).

I've found some cool dishes on Pinterest, but I don't know how they are in reality. So, what are YOUR favorite (EASY) summer dishes that I could try my hand at, hmm??


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Title: Those Fabulous Padalecki Boys
Author: amproof
Artist: fiercelynormal
Pairing: Jared Padalecki/Rob Benedict
Side Pairings: Jared Padalecki/OMCs, Jared Padalecki/Tahmoh Pinkett, Misha Collins/Rachel Miner, Loretta Devine/Alona Tal
Rating: NC-17 (Art PG)
Word Count: 57,000

Summary:Brothers Jared, Jensen, and Misha Padalecki are trying to move on after their father’s death, but it’s difficult. After 3 years in an open relationship, Jared's boyfriend Rob Benedict wants to go exclusive, but Jared isn't sure he's ready. Jensen is a suspended cop, and Misha, the supposed best-adjusted of the three, is paying strangers to hurt him. When journalist Jared's co-worker Sterling K. Brown goes missing, Jared and Jensen team up to find him. Cue brotherly bonding and the discovery that Dad had secrets too… secrets that involve payola and mob boss Mark Pellegrino. It all ties back to Sterling and his knowledge of Misha's guilt-ridden past.

Notes: Baby's first Big Bang post! I was very excited to get involved this year for the first, since it's such an amazing challenge and such a highly anticipated event in the fanworks calendar. Thank you to the lovely amproof for making it easy on me and for writing such an exciting story for her own first time out. Be sure to read the story and leave her some love. Special thanks to tebtosca and dephigravity for help, hand-holding and continued fabulousness, and to the tireless wendy for single-handedly running the ship. All art done using Photoshop CS5.

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Art under the cut!Collapse )


No one mourns the wicked

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My sis and I went to see Wicked last night. We had great seats and the cast was good - Elpheba was the understudy but she did a great job so I had no complaints.

I had seen it once before and liked it but in a lukewarm kind of way. I liked it a lot more this time around. It will never be in my Top 5 musicals or anything, but still good entertainment.

(I'm supposed to ship Elpheba/Glinda, right?)

In other news, I loved the return to LJ that started yesterday; I was up way too late commenting on friends' journals. It felt like an open house day, where everyone wanders over to their friends' houses and pops in for a visit. I hope the trend continues!


This is a post

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This is kind of like a unicorn sighting in that I almost never post anything about myself here. I mostly speak on Twitter (too much, some would say!) but wendy, dephigravity, cherie_morte and friends were talking about the dwindling LJ presence of fandom and committing to posting more I am!

First off, I unexpectedly got involved in the spn_j2_bigbang this year for the first time ever, and the art I did for amproof's lovely Big Bang posts on Thursday! So be sure to check that out.

Next, I'm waiting excitedly to go to NYC next week to see my beloved tebtosca and our friends from our old fandom days. The fact that I get time off work is almost as exciting!

That's it for now, but, hey Fandom friends?

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Happy Birthday, Nick!

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Happiest of birthdays to one of my favorite people, dephigravity. Hope you have an amazing day!