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I wanted to be able to keep track of the upcoming fanworks challenges/exchanges, so I built a calendar. I figure I can't be the only one who would find this useful, so I've made it available for public viewing here (sadly LJ won't let me embed it).

I'll update it as new deadlines become posted, by following spnnewsletter, but you can also email me additions or changes at or comment to this post.

The calendar can be viewed by week, month or in a list (agenda), by clicking the tabs at the top right. It can also be viewed in your own google calendar (if you have a gmail account) by clicking the +Google Calendar icon at the bottom right.

Currently there are deadlines for the following challenges/exchanges:

a_b_o_ladies - multifandom femslash and het ficathon (fic)
artpaperscissor - a Supernatural and RPF art tag challenge (art)
blood_and_pie - Moonstruck, a Supernatural Valentine Exchange (fic/art/whatever)
cakehole_club - a Supernatural & Supernatural RPF Podfic Big Bang challenge (podfics/art)
casestory - multifandom case-fic themed big bang (fic/art/podfic)
cottoncndybingo - multifandom schmoop-themed bingo challenge (fic/art/vid/podfic/whatever)
deancasbigbang - Dean/Castiel big bang challenge (fic/art)
dragonbigbang - multifandom dragon-themed big bang (fic/art)
evilsam_spn - Evil Sam Fright Fest 2014 - Samhain/All Hallows' Eve/Halloween/Day of the Dead/Shadowfest-themed fest (fic/art/vids/podfic/anything)
gabriel_bigbang - a big bang challenge centered around the character of Gabriel (fic/art)
genteensybang - a challenge for fans of Genevieve Cortese-Padalecki and the characters she's played on Supernatural (fic/art)
polybigbang - multifandom polyamory-themed big bang (fic/art)
sabrielbigbang - a Sam/Gabriel-themed big bang challenge
salt_burn_porn - a 24-hour tagged Supernatural & Supernatural RPF challenge (fic)
samdean_otp - Sam & Dean Minibang (fic/art)
sammessiah - Antichristmas exchange (fic/art)
spacebigbang - multifandom space-themed big bang (fic)
spn_bigpretzel - Supernatural-themed spring fic exchange (fic/art)
spn_cinema - an SPN/RPF fanwork challenge, where movies serve as the basis (fic/art/vids/podfics)
spn_gen_bigbang - an SPN gen bigbang (fic/art/podfic)
spn_hardcore_bb - an SPN hardcore bigbang (fic/art/podfic)
spn_j2_bigbang - Supernatural and J-Squared Big Bang Challenge (fic/art)
spn_j2_xmas - Supernatural and CWRPF Xmas gift exchange (fic/art)
spn_masquerade - SPN fandom's semi-annual festival of kink (fic/art)
spn_meanttobe - an SPN/RPF challenge based on summaries from Harlequin romance novels (fic/art)
spn_otpkink - Wincest/J2 kinkmeme round (fic/art)
spn_reversebang - This is a reverse of the usual SPN Big Bang challenge (fic/art)
spnaubigbang - an SPN big bang challenge with an AU focus (fic/art)
spnfemminibang - an SPN femmeslash minibang (fic/art)
spnspringfling - an SPN/RPF fanwork exchange (fic/art)
spn_summergen - a gift exchange for Supernatural gen fic (fic)
super_disney - Disney-themed Supernatural fic/art challenge (fic/art)
tfwbigbang - a Team Free Will big bang challenge (fic)
zombi_fic_ation - a multi-fandom zombie-themed fic challenge (fic)

If you know of any that have published deadlines that I've missed, please drop me a comment!

Please note that if you are participating in a challenge you should always verify the deadlines at the challenge site. This calendar is for convenience but the "bible" is always the challenge community!

Fic Masterlist


Fic: Finding Freedom (J2, NC-17, 4400 words)

J2 hug
Title: Finding Freedom
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word count ~4400
Summary: For two years as a prisoner of the Council's labs, were-cat Jared thought he could survive anything they threw at him. Until they brought in Jensen.
Warnings Animal traits, were-animals, self-lubrication, mentions of mpreg and non-con.
A/N: written for the wonderful alycat for spn_j2_xmas. I'm so happy to get a chance to write a fic for you, my dear, Merry Christmas! Thanks to the lovely ldyghst for the beta, especially on such short notice. Love ya!

On AO3
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Happy holidays!

Dean Rock

Happy holidays from Mazatlan, Mexico! My family and I arrived yesterday and will be here through to the 26th, so no White Christmas for me (thank god lol).

Hope all you lovely f-listies have a wonderful holiday, and to start you off right I'm going to share MY Christmas gift with you. It's a beautiful (and hot) fic by candygramme

Title: To the Victor Goes the Spoils
Gifter: candygramme
Word count: ~4,400
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Possibly a teensy bit dub con.
Summary: The conqueror of an ancient city has heard that the temple slave there is a rare treasure. He believes that it should be his, and nothing will stop him. Honey, I hope you like this. You said that you like slave-fic. May I present a beautiful belly-dancing slave to tempt you this Christmastide.

I loved it and know you will too!

Love, me!

Dean Rock
holiday love meme 2014
my thread here

Just went through and left you all some love. Great to see so many of you out there so I could mack on you!

Signal boost!

Dean Rock

Signal boosting for a fellow fan in need. lyryk has created a fanworks auction to benefit cillab42. The auction can be found here. Anyone can offer and bid, so check it out!


Fic: Hidden Charms (J2, R)

Jensen fish
Title: Hidden Charms
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: R
Words: 1700
Summary: Geeky equipment boy Jared has had a crush on the quarterback forever. But that's not his only secret.
Warnings: Underage (both are seventeen), panty kink
A/N: Written for salt_burn_porn for the lovely riyku's prompt "Can you keep a secret?"

On AO3

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