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J2_SPN_BigBang - Those Fabulous Padalecki Boys (Fanart)

Title: Those Fabulous Padalecki Boys
Author: amproof
Artist: fiercelynormal
Pairing: Jared Padalecki/Rob Benedict
Side Pairings: Jared Padalecki/OMCs, Jared Padalecki/Tahmoh Pinkett, Misha Collins/Rachel Miner, Loretta Devine/Alona Tal
Rating: NC-17 (Art PG)
Word Count: 57,000

Summary:Brothers Jared, Jensen, and Misha Padalecki are trying to move on after their father’s death, but it’s difficult. After 3 years in an open relationship, Jared's boyfriend Rob Benedict wants to go exclusive, but Jared isn't sure he's ready. Jensen is a suspended cop, and Misha, the supposed best-adjusted of the three, is paying strangers to hurt him. When journalist Jared's co-worker Sterling K. Brown goes missing, Jared and Jensen team up to find him. Cue brotherly bonding and the discovery that Dad had secrets too… secrets that involve payola and mob boss Mark Pellegrino. It all ties back to Sterling and his knowledge of Misha's guilt-ridden past.

Notes: Baby's first Big Bang post! I was very excited to get involved this year for the first, since it's such an amazing challenge and such a highly anticipated event in the fanworks calendar. Thank you to the lovely amproof for making it easy on me and for writing such an exciting story for her own first time out. Be sure to read the story and leave her some love. Special thanks to tebtosca and dephigravity for help, hand-holding and continued fabulousness, and to the tireless wendy for single-handedly running the ship. All art done using Photoshop CS5.

 photo Amproof_zps2ca8f9b3.jpg


I was having some trouble with this one at first; I knew the elements I wanted to include but couldn't think of a way to arrange it coherently.
amproof brought it together when she said (paraphrased): What's the one thing that holds it all together? Jared. After that I knew exactly what I wanted.

 photo Amproof_zps2ca8f9b3.jpg


For the next piece I wanted to show a quiet moment between Jared and Rob, the story's primary romantic pairing, because it's a relationship that's very important to Jared and forms the basis of his emotional development in the story.

 photo robred1_zpsa15cffc9.jpg


Finally I did this piece of Jared, alone, trying to solve the central mystery of the story. The job is an important part of who he is, and situation affects him both personally and professionally.

 photo Jaredbar_zps4b26845a.jpg


 photo jaredicon_zps6d6f3136.jpg  photo Icon2_zpse099f028.jpg  photo Icon_zps4072fe32.jpg

 photo Divider-Prologue_zps9aaf90fc.jpg

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