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It's been so long since I did more than a random gif at once I almost forgot how! Anyway, the Season 11 Gag Reel was put on YouTube and so I was moved to make a few gifs - I used to gif the whole thing but these days the lovely tumblr people get the gifs out lickety-split so I don't have to! Here's a few moments I needed gifs for though.

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Originally posted by fiercelynormal at THANK YOU!
Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the fundraiser for Zika! Thanks to your efforts we raised $460 to help people affected by Zika, and also spread some awareness about the disease and the importance of prevention. We also had some fun and have ensured that some more fanworks will be created. We win, so we win!
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Zika Virus Awareness and Fundraiser Campaign

Originally posted by fiercelynormal at Zika Virus Awareness and Fundraiser Campaign

2016 Fans Care Zika Virus Awareness and Fundraiser Campaign

​What is Zika virus?*

Zika is a blood-borne virus, transmitted by mosquitos. There are also cases of sexually-transmitted Zika virus, and it is assumed that transfusion of infected blood will also transmit the virus.

What does Zika do?

While symptoms of initial infection are usually very mild, flu-like symptoms, studies have shown that Zika virus transmitted from the mother can result in a condition called microcephaly (smaller than normal brains/skulls) and other birth defects in newborns. There has also been a demonstrated correlation of Zika virus to increased reports of Guillain-Barré syndrome, an uncommon sickness of the nervous system, in adults. It is unknown exactly how long the virus remains in the human body.

How is Zika treated?

There is currently no vaccine to prevent or medicine to treat Zika virus.

What areas are affected by Zika?

The current outbreak originated in Brazil in 2015, and has since spread to all other Central and South American and Carribean countries, as well as Hawaii. It is expected that as summer progresses the virus will spread to mosquitos in the Southern US from people who have travelled to affected countries and are subsequently bitten by mosquitos at home.

How can I avoid Zika?

The risk of transmission of Zika can be reduced by the use of commercial mosquito repellents (especially those containing DEET), and practicing safe sex with people infected with the Zika virus. To reduce the risk of birth defects, health professionals are recommending that women not become pregnant for at least six months after exposure to Zika.


What can Fans Care do?

Fans Care will run a fandom auction to raise funds to donate to specific charities who are combating the effects of Zika. The charities which will receive the funds are helping through education of locals, sanitation, assistance with mosquito reduction programs, provision of mosquito nets and other barriers, and research into treatment.

How does the fundraiser work?

There will be three posts made:

  • An "Offer Auction Post" - fans offer fanworks (eg. one 1000-word fic) or merchandise to the highest bidder. Donations are made after the auction closes and the highest bidder is notified of their win.

  • A "Commissions Post" - fans request fanworks or merchandise in exchange for a set donation amount. Donation is made by the requestor when someone agrees to fill their request.

  • A "Buy Now Post" - fans offer fanworks or merchandise in exchange for a set donation amount. First person to claim makes a donation at the time of claim. Once proof of donation has been provided to the mod, the item is considered "sold". Failure to donate within 24 hours results in the next person getting the item.

"Payment" for auction and Buy it Now items will be proof of donation to one of the specified charities sent to (you may block out identifying information). If you didn't see anything you wanted to bid on but still want to help raise funds, send proof of donation and it will be counted in the fundraiser total!

What charities are supported?

The following charities will be supported by this campaign. Note that there are few specific campaigns for Zika but each of these charities is assisting in Zika-affected areas with prevention and relief efforts. If no specific campaign is listed, choose a general disaster relief fund if possible.

Americares - USA
UNICEF - (any country) Canada | USA | UK
PLAN International (any country - General Disaster relief fund) - Canada | USA
Save The Children - USA | UK
Red Cross (any country - General Disaster relief fund) - Canada | Brazil | US | Australia | UK

If you know of other charities please respond to this post and it will be considered for addition to the list.

How can I help?

You can help by promoting the community, donating merchandise or fanworks, or bidding on the items offered in the auction.

When is the auction?

The Fans Care Zika Fundraiser Auction will open on Saturday, July 2 at 12PM EST and close at 12PM EST on Saturday, July 9. All donations must be received by 12PM EST on Saturday, July 16 to be counted in the fundraiser total.
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Fic: Body Sweet Like Sugar (Jared/Jensen, NC-17)

Title: Body Sweet Like Sugar
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6300
Warnings: Underage (Jensen is 14), knotting, elements of dubcon, rimming, comeplay, mentions of mpreg

Summary: When the Alpha of the Greenbriar Pack dies suddenly, Jared Padalecki gets more than he expected in his friend's will.

Author's Notes: I wrote this years ago for [info]spn_xmas under another name. Figured I'd post it here so all my stories are in one place!

On AO3

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J2, Willow

Fic: The Bright Side of the Road (J2, PG-13)

Title: The Bright Side of the Road
Artist lightthesparks
Movie Prompt: Willow
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 7700
Summary: Armed only with his sword and two irritating creatures named the Chads, Jared Padalecki must rescue a very special baby from King Mark's evil plotting. If only he didn't have to go through Jensen Ackles to do it.
Notes: Tile from the Van Morrison song of the same name. Written for spn_cinema. Special thanks to lightthesparks for her INFINITE patience and amazing art; I was so thrilled to get to collab with her. Also to my girls, dugindeep for helping keep me pointed in the right direction and tebtosca for the last-minute beta!

On AO3

Art Post

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Mockumentary Gifs

For some reason I thought I'd made a post of gifs from the Mockumentary when it first came out. Oops? Anyway, here are a couple I made including some from the new footage! (Ok, they're mostly Divalecki because I adore him. Sue me!)

You're welcome photo tumblr_nbh0tubrds1rxlw3fo7_400_zps25f76d0b.gif  photo imageedit_5_3221404884_zpsb4a201e9.gif
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ART: It's No Better to Be Safe Than Sorry (Sam/Dean, PG)

A few weeks back a bunch of us got together to send our love and thanks to the lovely petite_madame for all that she does for fandom. As a result, a comm called to_pm_with_love was created. I had the distinct pleasure to create art as a companion piece for a wonderful fic written by deirdre_c. Ch-ch-check it out!

Title: It's No Better to Be Safe Than Sorry
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: PG
Summary: Based on the iconic "Take On Me" video by ah-ha! Dean's trapped inside a comic book, and Sam won't stop until he finds a way to get him out.



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