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Fic: Come Lie With Me 2/2

Title:Come Lie With Me
Disney Prompt:Once Upon a Mattress
Word Count:5400
Summary: Prince Jensen longs to be married, but the Queen's law states that he must marry someone of royal blood. All the princesses in the realm have failed, but can the new stranger to the kingdom be the one to pass the Queen's Test? 

A/N: Written for j2_everafter. Based on Disney's "Once Upon a Mattress", an adaptation of the fairytale "The Princess and the Pea". Big thanks to tebtosca for handholding and beta skills, and also to cha and ldyghst for the fun watch/chat that started it all. 

Small everafter

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An hour later, after watching Jared down a prodigious amount of wine with no apparent effect, Jensen finally reluctantly called an end to the evening.

"You need to get your rest so that you’re ready for the Test tomorrow,” he said, walking Jared back to his bedchamber. Pushing open the door, they both stopped and gaped at the mountain of mattresses that stood where a regular old single-mattressed bed should be.

“Uh, I’m pretty sure there was a normal bed when I was in here last. Is this some kind of kinky custom you have in your kingdom?” Jared asked warily.

The skeptical look on Jared’s face and his deadpan delivery struck Jensen as hilarious. The wine might have also contributed. He burst out laughing and couldn’t stop. Every time he came close to settling down, he saw the huge pile of mattresses and Jared’s stunned face, and off he went again. Jared’s face went from consternation to amused confusion to a fond grin that Jensen would find adorable if he could breathe. Finally, as much to shut him up as for any other reason, Jensen supposed, Jared dropped his hands on Jensen’s shoulders, hauled him in, and covered Jensen’s lips with his own.

It took a few seconds but Jensen’s hysteria finally dissipated, and he leaned into Jared’s kiss enthusiastically, wrapping his arms around the Mountain Prince’s neck. Jared’s hands drifted lower, bracketing Jensen’s hips and pulling them closer to his own. Jensen marvelled at the feel of the other man’s cock rubbing against his own through the thin layers of their trousers, the dragging friction bringing them both to full hardness in moments.

As their kiss deepened and their tongues came out to tangle with each other, Jared’s hand drifted to the front of Jensen’s trousers and cupped him gently, the tip of his thumb rubbing teasingly over the head of Jensen’s dick, smiling against Jensen’s lips when it flexed with pleasure. He went no further, just dragging his thumb from side to side, over and over, until Jensen was leaking with need. Then slowly he pulled away. Jensen wanted to weep in disappointment.

“We need sleep,” Jared said. "And I want to wait until I have the whole night to spread you out and get to know every last inch of you."

Jensen reluctantly stepped back to the door. "I really hope you pass the Test, Jared. Goodnight." Closing the door behind himself, he wandered off to his lonely bed.


The next morning Jensen rose eagerly, despite the lack of sleep from staying up so late with Jared and then tossing and turning thinking about him afterwards. He dressed quickly and made his way to the throne room to see what Richard the Wizard had come up with for Jared's Test.

As he walked in, he found the Queen already seated in her throne and the court assembled. Even King Jim and Steven were already there. It must be later than he'd thought.

"Sorry I'm late, Mama." Jensen said. "Have you decided on Jared's Test?"

"Oh, the Test," she waved her hand airily. "I'm afraid he's already failed that, darling. We're just waiting for him to come down so we can say our goodbyes."

Jensen's heart sank. "What do you mean, he failed the Test? What was it?" Maybe there was some kind of loophole.

"Jensen, my dearest, your spouse needs to be a true royal. And they must be worthy of you, my only son. I'm afraid Jared doesn't have the proper sensitivity that a true royal would have. I knew a man was a ridiculous choice for you. Perhaps the next Princess that comes along will-"

"What was the Test, Mother?" Jensen shouted. The Queen looked startled. Jensen never raised his voice to her.

Before she could answer, Jared came stumbling in the throne room, bleary-eyed and yawning. "My apologies for being late. You'd think that with twenty mattresses I'd sleep like a baby but I didn't sleep a wink last night. And I look like I got beat up - see? I'm covered in bruises!" He pointed to one on his arm.

The Queen paled. "You didn't sleep at ALL?"

"No, Your Majesty." Jared said, then backpedaled apparently worried he'd offended his hostess,"I'm sure it's just me; the accommodations were excellent, of course."

"He passed the Test," Richard whispered, stunned.

Jensen's head lifted from where it had been hanging in despair. "He what?"

"He passed the Test!" This time Richard shouted it.

"Ridiculous," the Queen said, "That wasn't the Test, he -"

"It was the test!" Lady Katie interrupted triumphantly. "I heard you and Richard in the hallway last night. If Prince Jared falls asleep with that little pea placed under his mattresses - all twenty of them - then he's not sensitive enough for Prince Jensen. But he didn't fall asleep. He passed your Test!"

Queen Samantha looked as if she wanted to argue more, but even Richard the Wizard was nodding along. Finally she threw up her hands in exasperation.

"Very well, so he passed the stupid Test. But Jensen, darling, surely you can see how unsuitable he is for you. He's from the mountains, and he’s a man! He couldn’t possibly-”

“Shut up, Mother!” Jensen yelled. “I’m sick of you and your stupid Tests. I don’t even care if Jared passed this one. I want him, not some perfect little princess. And I’m going to marry him.” He looked over to where Jared was standing, still looking slightly confused by the proceedings. “If he’ll still have me, that is.”

The look of confusion vanished from Jared’s face, replaced by a look of pride. “Of course I’ll have you, Jensen. You’re everything I want.”

“Whaaaat?” The Queen shrieked. “You can’t--” her voice cut out suddenly, leaving her mouth moving but with no sound coming out. Her hands reached for her throat.

A surprised laugh filled the sudden silence. Jensen didn’t recognize the voice, but it came from...his father?

“Dad?” Jensen asked uncertainly. In his entire life, he’d never heard his father speak. His voice was rusty from disuse but it was clear and strong.

“Yes, son, it’s me. You broke the curse!” King Jim smiled proudly.

“But how? What did I do?”

“The mouse defeated the dog. You finally stood up to your mother, boy.” King Jim clasped his hand to Jensen’s shoulder.

Steven, meanwhile, was cackling in glee. “I always knew she was a bitch; this just proves it!”

The Queen looked enraged but was unable to argue.

“I’ll be taking my throne back,” King Jim said firmly, his gruff voice full of command. “And the first thing I’m doing now that I’m back in charge is arranging a wedding!” The queen’s face turned red with silent rage. Richard the Wizard unobtrusively edged away from her.

Jensen could hardly allow himself to believe it. “You mean...?”

King Jim nodded. “You and Jared will be married as soon as I can arrange it. If that’s acceptable to you, Jared?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, Your Majesty,” Jared smiled and gave a short bow, his dimples creasing his face. “That’s most acceptable.” Walking over to where Jensen stood, he took Jensen’s hand in his. The entire court shouted its approval.




After a long day of wedding preparations, Jensen and Jared were finally able to excuse themselves, and Jensen walked Jared to his bedchamber. As they approached the door, it opened and Lady Katie and Sir Matt walked out, carrying an odd assortment of items: a horseshoe, some bowling pins, and what looked like a set of small antelope antlers.

“What’s all this?”  Jensen asked curiously.

“Um....just doing some redecorating,” Lady Katie chirped brightly. “I’m sure Prince Jared will sleep much better tonight without all that clutter in there.”

“I don’t remember seeing any of...oh. I thought that bruise on my thigh looked like a horseshoe.” Jared smiled widely, and Jensen realized what his friends had done.

“Yes, I’m sure he will sleep much better tonight.” Bending slightly to kiss Lady Katie on the cheek, he whispered in her ear, “Thank you.”

With a grin and a wink she started off down the hallway. “Come on, Matt,” she tossed back over her shoulder. “We have a wedding to plan!”  

Jensen and Jared entered the bedchamber and after closing the door behind themselves, stood silently contemplating the bed piled high with twenty mattresses.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Jensen finally asked.

“If you’re thinking that I’d love to lay you out on all those mattresses and lick you all over, then yes.” Jared responded immediately, his dimpled smile and dancing eyes charming Jensen all over again.

“Close enough,” Jensen responded.

After Jared made good on his promise and Jensen had done some licking of his own, they settled in to drift off to sleep.

At least they tried. Finally, when Jared wouldn’t stop squirming, Jensen climbed naked down the ladder, reached under the bottom mattress, and felt around until he found a little dried pea. Tossing it over his shoulder he climbed back up into bed, draped himself over Jared’s body and fell asleep, with Jared snoring softly in his ear.

The End 

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