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Today I feel really blessed. It was my *mumble* birthday, a milestone (I ain't saying which, fuuuuu) and all the Twitter shoutouts and messages and vgifts made it really fun and special. I didn't do ANY work because I was so busy checking my iPhone, but what my boss doesn't know won't hurt me, right?

And since I'm feeling generous after all the loooooove, I will share some of my presents with you all, made by my very talented and awesome friends!!

Knit My Bones Astride by tebtosca. Game of Thrones-inspired J2 AU, yo! Given in marriage to the chieftain of a fierce warrior tribe to secure an army to regain his cousin's throne, Jensen --prince of the House of Ackles--is thrust into a world he has never known before and must fight for not only who he wants to become, but also a love he never dared to expect. With real Polish translations by loghorea and real English beta-age by pinkwithoutplot, there's awesome art and a website (with soundtrack!) by ldyghst. Be sure to check it all out!

If I Can Make You See by cha (the comm is locked but ask to join if you haven't already and she will add you!). Wonderfully emotional wincest fic of Sam trying to woo Dean (and succeeding!)

PORN! by transfixeddream. What better way to finish it all off? Thanks to Trav and his naughty elves.

Thanks again to everyone for making it such a great day!
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