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Want to get more involved in fandom?

Hey, peeps! I'm a (very) casual coder over at spnnewsletter. My schedule prevents me from signing on as a regular, but they need one! You can either comment on this post or PM enablelove for details!


(I have copied and pasted this from waterofthemoon because she is awesome :D)

The coders are the people who actually put together the spnnewsletter every night for the joy and edification of fandom. We take links from all over SPN fandom (handily compiled into one reading list), regardless of... most things, really, as long as they meet our header guidelines. It's not a recs list, and it's not like some other newsletters that code only a representative sample of fics/art/etc. Just code the stuff in front of you.

While modding/previous community involvement is preferred, it's not required. Do you have:

1. Basic, basic HTML skills. (Can you make a link? Can you make a username?)
2. Ability to understand, enforce, and live and die by the laws of the land.
3. A few hours one night a week to compile the newsletter. Currently, we're trying to find a permanent coder for Friday nights, but if you
really want to do it and that night doesn't work, we might be able to rearrange people.
4. If you are even considering signing up, please make sure you are for sure available and willing for the foreseeable future.

And we will HELP. There's a template, there are all kinds of useful tricks to make things go faster, and we offer on the job training services. Plus, you get to be part of the most useful club in SPN fandom. Win win!
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