FiercelyNormal (fiercelynormal) wrote,

Fic rec

I just spent a week being completely obsessed by a verse, and I REGRET NOTHING! I had heard about raeschae's Disclaimer Verse but had somehow never actually gotten around to reading it. But when she published a PDF of everything she'd ever posted in that verse, I finally started reading and OH MY GOD. The main stories really suck you in to the life of tattoo artist!Jared and skater-boy!Jensen, - incidentally something I never thought would enthrall me that much, but the mix of laughter, tears and sheer awesomeness quickly proved me wrong. Then she goes on to write all these comment-fic vignettes of their incredible life and friends and family and I didn't want to ever leave that world. If you're looking for a verse that has it all, check it out here.

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