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Consolidated Holiday Post

Hope everyone had a happy holiday!

First, thanks to everyone for the v-gifts; they all made me smile <3

Also on the topic of gifts, check out the excellent J2 Slave-fic story written for me by rankwriter for spn_j2_xmas. And this dark (hot) angsty (hot) serial killer AU video from my darling reliand to me and my girls!

[My Christmas (click to open)]Christmas was, as expected, kind of difficult since we only lost mom less than two months ago. But on the whole, it was better than I expected. We had a little tiny light-up Christmas tree that we put at her niche; it was still lit on Christmas Day according to my dad so at least she had her lights. We had Christmas Day at my brother's house, which was new for us. It was a great idea though, because we weren't too focused on old memories. I had a good time, and an even better time when me, Dad, my sis and her boyfriend went to Les Misérables! Which, wow. I loved it so much. Probably going again with my sis on the 2nd.

Looking forward so much to the New Year. 2013 is going to be an awesome year; I decree it! After the suck-fest of 2012 it's time for some good stuff to happen. For now, I'm working on my j2_everafter fic, based on Toy Story, so keep an eye out for that in February!

Happy (almost) New Year, everyone!
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