FiercelyNormal (fiercelynormal) wrote,

On Continuity

This was in an interview with the creators of "Welcome to Night Vale" but it's interesting how it could (and should!) be applied to other shows.

Time Out New York: The world of Night Vale seems to expand a little bit with every episode. Is continuity something you guys think about a lot?

Joseph Fink: The first time Jeffrey and I sat down to talk about the show, I said, “I feel like we can do anything with this show—like, we can get as weird as we want—as long as we have very strict continuity.” Because then you’re building a world, and it’s a world that people can believe in. It doesn’t matter how weird that world is and what the rules are, as long as they’re consistent. I think it’s helped people feel more at home, because it feels like a real place, even if the rules make no sense.


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