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Oh, Brother, My Brother

Last weekend was JIBCON 2014, and both boys were in attendance and in (very) fine form. They spoke candidly about Sam and Dean's relationship, and they were their usual goofy selves. There were so many good comments about the boys (both J2 and Sam and Dean) that a lot of people now DEMAND fic! deirdre_c and I were discussing it on Twitter and zubeneschamali said "If only there was a way to host some kind of meme where people could write fic in the form of comments." Genius, right? And so, may I present...

Meme banner

How it Works

1. Comment to this post with prompts inspired by the events and discussions at JIBCON - be it J2 or Sam/Dean. In case you missed it, or want some inspiration, there's a handy collection of JIBCON media at Superwiki. One prompt per comment, please, but prompt as often as you like!

2. Fill these prompts with fic or art! Prompts don't have to be followed exactly, but hopefully they will inspire some creativity. Prompts can be filled more than once for extra enjoyment, and can be anywhere from G-rated to NC-17.

3. Read, enjoy, leave feedback!

4. This is not an occasion to bash any other pairings, it's a time to rejoice in all the great J2 and Sam/Dean feelings that the convention brought out in a lot of people. So have fun!

5. PIMP! PIMP! PIMP! Here's a banner to help get the word out. The more the merrier!

Pimping banner


Shots from the Cock Tower by thursdaysisters - green room shenanigans
Lost weekend by brutti_ma_buoni - post-injury Jared and caretaker Jensen
What a Day This Has Been by hootiepgh - The final scene in the finale takes a lot out of Jared; Jensen cheers him up
The Daily Grind by stripytights - Jensen's a grumpy barista. Jared's the protestor who uses his coffee-shop to create his banners. Glitter flies.
Hips Don't Lie by fiercelynormal - Jensen likes to watch himself get spanked
The Best Part by deirdre_c - Jensen loves to watch Jared get his hair cut
Tags: jibcon, memes!memes!memes!
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