FiercelyNormal (fiercelynormal) wrote,

Fun with Fic

Yesterday was 100% devoted to fandom, and I had a blast. I spent over 14 hours writing fic fills for spn_masquerade with the fabulous tebtosca and riyku (those devoted and deliciously kinky mods), and a great deal of those hours we were joined by costsofregret and ldyghst for some great writing, cheerleading and handholding. It was crazy and fun and my entire body feels like I have a hangover today lol. In the end I had five fills for the meme, which is more than my record for Blindfold, so I'm pretty happy with it. Particularly since I'm the slowest writer EVER.

We also spent time updating the pinboard, and there are now 134 fills. There's one more week for everyone to read and leave feedback, so I hope lots of people go, read, and COMMENT on the fills they enjoyed! I've left a bunch of comments already and when I'm able to think about sex again I'll go read and leave some more!

Thanks so much to tebtosca and riyku for hosting such a great meme. Looking forward to the next round!
Tags: pimping, writing
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