FiercelyNormal (fiercelynormal) wrote,

Happy holidays!


Happy holidays from Mazatlan, Mexico! My family and I arrived yesterday and will be here through to the 26th, so no White Christmas for me (thank god lol).

Hope all you lovely f-listies have a wonderful holiday, and to start you off right I'm going to share MY Christmas gift with you. It's a beautiful (and hot) fic by candygramme

Title: To the Victor Goes the Spoils
Gifter: candygramme
Word count: ~4,400
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Possibly a teensy bit dub con.
Summary: The conqueror of an ancient city has heard that the temple slave there is a rare treasure. He believes that it should be his, and nothing will stop him. Honey, I hope you like this. You said that you like slave-fic. May I present a beautiful belly-dancing slave to tempt you this Christmastide.

I loved it and know you will too!
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