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Announcing Round 6 of SPN_Cinema!

Originally posted by cinema_mod at Announcing Round 6 of SPN_Cinema!

Hello, cinema fans! Based on feedback and careful consideration of the busy fandom schedule, we've decided to begin the next round of Cinema on June 1. We are also going to try something new this round - OPEN POSTING! It is our hope that this less stressful posting schedule will encourage more participants to complete their fanworks and be happy with the results. The schedule for this round will be as follows:

June 1 - Claims open
June 3 - Claims close
June 4 - Second round claims open
June 5 - Second round claims close
July 1 - Drafts due (fic and art)
August 1 - Open posting begins
August 31 - Posting closes

If you're new and want to know how it all works, or if you just need a refresher, please check out our FAQs page. If you'd like to spread the word and help generate some buzz for the new round, please feel free to yoink the banner of this post, or use our ready-made banners here.
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